His Butler Might Have Said Something


ninme found this photo of Prince Charles being thankful Prince Harry's come home safe. Perhaps he's protesting press leeks.

Update: Rueful Red confirms what we've been discussing in comments: it's a Welsh thing. (Though I still like the idea he's warding off teeny tiny vampires.)
Golly you colonials! Saturday was March 1st, St David’s Day, the Welsh national day, when all Welsh, including the regimental goat, are supposed to wear something to express their Welshness. The Prince chose a young leek. Others choose daffodils. We English are of course above all that sort of thing.
I now think Prince Charles is the coolest. For the inquiring minds that wish to know, Catholic Encyclopedia reports:
From time immemorial the Welsh have worn a leek on St. David's day, in memory of a battle against the Saxons, at which it is said they wore leeks in their hats, by St. David's advice, to distinguish them from their enemies.