Cardinal Has The Booger Touch

A curtsy to Prof. K. for sending me Lord Winston accuses Catholic church of 'lying' over controversial Embryo Bill. The story indeed quotes Lord Winston calling the Church a liar for opposing chimera research:
fertility expert Lord Winston, a Labour peer, has told the Daily Telegraph: "His statements are lying. They are misleading and I'm afraid that when the Church, for good motives, tells untruths, it brings discredit upon itself."
But I'll be darned if I can find in the story even one sentence explaining what the Church is supposed to have said that's false, which seems to be material to the story, no --or else "liar" is merely an insult, not an accusation at all. If he'd said the Church's mama wore combat boots, that would have been the headline, too, I suppose.

In other Frankenstein news, Wesley Smith has a new piece on "therapeutic abortion" in the Weekly Standard --in which we find Sen. Kennedy on the right side of a life question for once. He's co-sponsoring --with Sen. Brownback-- a bill to ensure that parents who get sad news from pre-natal testing aren't pushed into abortion by a eugenics-minded medical profession.