Pelosi Couldn't Help Herself


Here's Nancy Pelosi greeting the Holy Father at the White House reception for the Holy Father last Wednesday. At the time, the pious blogosphere made some choice comments about Judas (and that seems to be what the President is thinking, doesn't it)? Fr. Z. makes the far more charitable observation (very end of the post) that it was likely not so much hypocrisy as a deeply ingrained impulse. People do melt in the presence of the Holy Father. The most debauched, pagan person I've ever known absolutely fell into a puddle upon meeting JP II.

While I share Fr.'s interpretation, I do have to note that this gesture shows Gramma has no idea of her proper relation to the Church. This was a diplomatic ceremony and she was there as representative of the United States. She should not have kissed the Pope's ring, just as she wouldn't curtsy to the Queen. Where she should show deference to the Pope --by allowing her conscience to be educated and formed according to an objective standard and voting accordingly (or failing that, by respecting his lawful authority on the matter of who ought to receive communion in his Church)-- she doesn't. Where she shouldn't show deference --by bowing to a foreign sovereign in the name of the United States of America-- she does.