Two Weddings & Catholic Dating Advice

I'm more than a decade away from such worries now, but man, do I remember these days: Discern This, Drama Boy.
Nobody should waste their youth dreaming of men who have no interest in them. Thus, we Catholic girls should hear "I'm discerning a vocation to the priesthood" and translate it into "I'm just not that into you." And at this point, we should drop the discerner like a hot potato. After all, he is thinking of foreswearing the greatest sweets of human love, so we should give him a hint of that loss pronto. Once he's actually in the seminary, we can be nice to him again. But not too nice. And if he doesn't go into the seminary (for so few of them do) we should cold-shoulder him until he shows up, weeping, with flowers, at our door.
I went back to university one Easter for my baby sister's reception into the Church. There I ran into a grad student (by this point, perpetual) I'd known in my own college days, and who'd had all the ladies swooning because he was very good looking...and so pious and good. Ten years later: still gorgeous, still "discerning."Oy! Curtsy: Zadok.

In lighter news, ninme's sporting quite the bauble on her left ring-finger these days. And Single Gal, who was a co-blogger here for 25 seconds until she found a boyfriend, has similar news. I'm to be Matron of Honor, and here's the important part: she's letting me wear whatever I want. Do I know how to pick a best friend or what?