EU Suicide Attempt, Or, There Will For 25 Seconds Longer Be An England


You know how Jihadist maps of the Holy Land don't show Israel? Now a new EU map of Europe doesn't mention Great Britain!

The new European plan splits England into three zones that are joined with areas in other countries.

The "Manche" region covers part of southern England and northern France while the Atlantic region includes western parts of England, Portugal, Spain and Wales.

The North Sea region includes eastern England, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands and parts of Germany.

A copy of the map, which makes no reference to England or Britain, has even renamed the English Channel the "Channel Sea."
In what I can only understand as an attempt to scuttle the whole EU project,
German ministers claimed that the plan was about "underlying the goal of a united Europe" to "permanently overcome old borders" at a time when the "Constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum."
Riiiiiight. Beacuse if there's anything we learn from history, it's how effective it is when bureaucrats carve up land arbitrarily and force different ethnic and language groups to "unify." That continues to work so well for us in the Middle East. And the Balkans. Ah, the coming era of peace and freedom when the EU reigns supreme. More.

Update: The story isn't new. The Telegraph itself published basically the same story two years ago. The map is the result of cartographers working for Interreg, a project of the EU, stated purpose of which is to stimulate cooperation between EU member states and diminish the influence of national borders. Even Wiki has that latter part figured out. The comments are instructive: half of them freaking out and talking about fighting to the death; the rest perfectly happy for all the nations of Europe to disappear into a great European superstate.