Poptpourri Of Popery, St. George & Visit Wrap-Up Edition

Happy St. George's day all you readers in the UK. (They're fighting over him in print at the Telegraph --follow the links.) Wiki claims he was of Arab descent, which I find suggestive, but won't pursue that thought now. On to:


  • All of Benedict XVI's spoken words (including the interview on the plane) during his trip to the US are compiled in one post here.
  • Should you care to print all his addresses out in booklet form, they're all in this pdf, courtesy of Disputations.
  • While in NY, the Pope issued a special radio message on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of his elevation to the papacy.
  • The traditional telegrams to heads of state as the Pope flies over their airspace.
  • Message of condolence to Cardinal Trujillo's brother. It is my understanding (here's why I think so --that and Asia News has no story) that in lieu of the usual Regina Coeli, the pope celebrated the Cardinal's funeral mass this morning.

Starting with some of my favorite responses to the Pope's visit.
  • At least for a little while longer, Pope 2008 will have a Godspy video of various reactions up. Till they replace it with something else.
  • The Secret Service "Agent of God." (Curtsy: benedictinamerica)
  • Here's a model of someone allowing the Pope to challenge his thinking and refining his ideas accordingly.
And finally, from my spy in New York:
I was at St. Patrick's, but missed Yankee Stadium because I had to help in two parishes. But I hear the Pope did an exorcism on the spot where they buried the David Ortiz jersey. Now three popes have celebrated Mass in the Shrine to the Babe. None has ever celebrated in Fenway.