Feral Collegians

The college man:
The only thing he has learned from promoters of sexual liberation is to say "gender" instead of "sex."
Read Harvey Mansfield's Hook-Up or Shut-Up, a review of Sex & The Soul.
Colleges find it risky, Ms. Freitas notes, to oppose the hook-up culture. They do not boast of it when parents visit, but they are happy to look the other way throughout the year. Their main concern is to be sure that they cannot be accused of treating men and women differently, and they do not care, or do not see, that the result of sexual liberation is a culture that does harm to the young people caught within it.
Well, and who the hell cares? It's only women. And in this case, also men. What were we wondering the other day about how long people will continue to pay outrageous sums for the privilege of having their children live like this? Curtsy: Prof. K.