A Natural Reaction


Accumulated reactions to this story. The White House has a rather devastating letter to NBC news on their coverage.
NBC's selective editing of the President's response is clearly intended to give viewers the impression that he agreed with Engel's characterization of his remarks when he explicitly challenged it.
The letter also takes NBC to task for its coverage of Iraq & the economy, but that's off topic here. But it ends by asking if Keith Olbermann now controls the news division. Heh.

  • I've pointed out previously that Rummy made precisely the same comparison between folks who won't open their eyes and Senator Bohrer (R) on August 29, 2006. Do we think that too was a dig at Mr. Obama?
  • Then there's John Bolton's take in light of Mr. Obama's rather astonishing comparison of himself with Kennedy to Abombnjihad's Kruschev.
The liberals used to ridicule Ronald Reagan for remembering scenes in movies that had never actually occurred in real life, and I think what Senator Obama is remembering is the liberals’ view of the Cold War. That meeting between Kennedy and Kruschev in the early days of the Kennedy administration was a humiliation for the new President Kennedy. Kruschev understood that, and he judged new President Kennedy to be so weak at that point, weak as a person, that many think it was a significant factor in Kruschev and the Soviet Union’s decision to put those missiles in Cuba to begin with, a crisis that did, in fact, bring us to the brink of nuclear war.
Back to the bomb shelters with Barack! Bolton says we haven't yet plumbed the depths of Obama's ignorance. Does ignorance have depths?

  • Rich Lowry tackles the larger point: who should we talk to, and under what conditions?
  • Powerline notes that as Obama defends his policy to the death, he's also majorly backing off it.
  • Not to mention, Iran is apparently dangerous to Montanans but not Oregonians:
    • Barack Obama, last night (May 18) in Portland, on Iran: "They don't pose a serious threat to us."
    • Barack Obama, today, in Billings, Montana, on Iran: "I've made it clear for years that the threat from Iran is grave.

Good question: Can someone explain why it is, exactly, that Barack Obama is not a laughingstock?

On the other hand: at least two people noticed that Bush denounced talking to terrorists and then flew off to Riyadh for a few days.