3000 New Catholics

Hey, cool news in the National Catholic Register: Some 3000 members of the Assyrian Church of the East have returned to communion with Rome. The community in question is in California, but with strong ties to Iraq, this has implications for Iraqi Christians too.

There may be some 400,000 more to come. This (subs-only) piece on the Anglican communion suggests the Traditional Anglican Communion is inches away from the threshold of St. Pete's.

discussions at the Vatican on devising a possible structure for the Traditional Anglican Communion to come into communion with Rome are understood to be nearing completion.

The communion is a breakaway group of 400,000 Anglicans opposed to women’s ordination.

Somewhere I read a rumor that one of the things the Archbishop of Canterbury discussed with the Pope at their recent meeting was a request not to make an official announcement until after the Lambeth conference.