Canada It Is, Then

I had resolved not to touch the story that Susan Sarandon has promised to move to Italy or Canada if McCain wins the election. My general policy is to resist shooting fish in barrels. But Shrine of the Holy Whapping has given the topic a Catholic spin, so I relent.
“This particular Pope is not one of my favourites,” she is quoted as saying. This means she must have some favorite popes, logically speaking, which opens up all sorts of fascinating avenues.* Miss Sarandon continues: "I am pretty suspicious of him and my only message to him is that he should become more compassionate and more involved in what the world needs now instead of his archaic kind of outdated, misogynist infrastructure the Church has going now."
I think we all know what the world needs now is love, sweet love, which happens to be what the Pope has on offer --that, plus hope and the salvation of both religion and reason. Is that not just what the doctor ordered? The Shrine imagines a conversation between Our Benedict and Ms. Sarandon:

Benedict: God is Love!

Susan Sarandon: (points finger, pulls out amulet with Alec Baldwin's face on it and waves it at the Sovereign Pontiff) Dogmatic! Dogmatic!

As for the threat to move to Italy:
we would like to point out to Miss Sarandon that Italy is where the Pope lives.