Gibson's Bobble, Not Palin's

Just finished watching the available excerpts from the Gibson/Palin interview. To me she didn't seem as tense as some folks have said --nor did Gibson seem as arrogant as many have described him. I think he just seemed like Gibson (maybe nobody usually watches him)? She never bobbled, although the frequent cuts drive you crazy watching it --she often seems not to make complete sentences because they cut her off mid-sentence and have her move on. Concur wholeheartedly with this assessment of the "Bush Doctrine" moment.
She caught him off guard when she asked him to explain what he meant by the Bush Doctrine. He asked her a question he himself knew nothing about. I believe in watching her that she somehow sensed that he had no idea, so she embarrassed him by asking for a definition. He threw the question back to her dully: what do YOU think it means? But if you watch the camera action, what happens is that they focus on her, not him…and then you hear him come up with a definition about pre-emptive attack. What happened there? Easy…he was looking it up in his notes so the camera would not show it!
In the end I don't think he got it right, even with notes. The doctrine of pre-emption was part of a strategy document Condoleeza Rice put together when she was National Security Advisor. That document was released to intimidate bad guys. "The Bush Doctrine" in my mind refers to the idea that "you're either with us or against us" with respect to the War on Terror and was enumerated in a speech to Congress after 9/11. Anyhow, that's how I remember it. At this long remove, anyone would need to know what an interrogator intended by the question, so her, "in what respect?" was the exact right response --and you can hear her sarcasm when she says it.

Update:Hilarious. Wile E. Reporter v. Hockimomus Alaskus (curtsy: American Digest)

Update 2: I remembered correctly what "The Bush Doctrine" is. Come to think of it, I've also traveled extensively in Europe, have met a foreign head of state and only have four kids, none of whom is pregnant. Oh, and I've done some community organizing. I am qualified to be Vice-President according to the MSM! (I lack the naughty librarian thing, though, dang it all). Links to relevant documents here, along with delicious evidence that smarty-pants folks mocking Our Sarah don't know squat.