Imagine Bovine Philosophy

There's a really interesting 5-part interview with Andrew Klavan, author and screenwriter, at Uncommon Knowledge. The whole thing is worthwhile --his "decision to believe," etc. I couldn't agree more with his take on the wickedness of Hollywood's war movies. But what really makes me love the guy is this from part 4. Speaking of 9/11, he says the moment the planes hit the towers,
the logic behind multiculturalism was destroyed, obliterated. ... This idea that all cultures are the same. ...This song, this jangly ditty that I despise, John Lennon's "Imagine," this idea that if we could just get rid of all the things that make us human, we wouldn't have to fight. Well that's true, but it's the philosophy of a cow. You sit and you have nothing to love, nothing to bring out the best in yourself.

Well, this is a note we've sung before, but I like to hear more people singing it.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (Part 3 is on the "decision to believe." His discussion of his deep sense of shame during his bar mitzvah is touching --and it was sex that led him to God, just as Chesterton always said). Part 5 has George Bush as Batman in the Dark Knight ...sacrificing popularity to do the right thing. And an important observation about how you know you're in the right in our current intellectual climate.)