My spy at the Fairfax rally also attended some luncheon at the Capitol Hill club at which Roberta McCain spoke. She's 96 years old and they offered her a chair, which she refused. Spy says she was impressive. Love this story told by whoever introduced her:
Mrs. McCain and her twin sister were 94 and flew to Paris for a vacation. Mrs. McC wanted to rent a car, but the agency said that they couldn't rent her one because of her age. So she said that she would just buy one instead and they drove all over the country and then sold it when they were ready to come home.
Speaking of tough birds, how about this on Todd Palin?

VAN SUSTEREN: And the speeds? I mean, it gets even crazier if you go through -- how fast do you go?

DAVIS: You know, the top speed probably around 100 miles an hour, which isn't real common. But you know, the average speed for the 2,000 miles will be in the 50s, probably 38 hours to ride 2,000 miles, which is hard to do in a car.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Now, the first dude, as I'll call him during this segment, got hurt in February when this race (INAUDIBLE) What happened to him?

DAVIS: You know, he just hit a barrel that was frozen, river bank outside of Galina (ph), you know, kind of ripped off the side of his suspension and A-arms (ph) and sent him flying. Took him in, tried to get him some medical attention. He wouldn't -- he refused it. And so we patched him back together and continued on. And when we got to the finish line, he went to the doctor and ended up had a broken arm. And (INAUDIBLE) worked on a snowmobile for two hours and rode 500 miles to the finish line with a broken arm.

VAN SUSTEREN: He sounds pretty tough.

DAVIS: He's a tough guy.

If McCain wins, there will be a refreshing no whining, no victims attitude in the first and second families.