Nobody Here But Us Tax-Cutters

Amidst all this gloom I'm peddling the past few days (whenever Obama speaks --especially in front of the adoring masses chanting his name--I don't get a thrill up my leg, but a chill up my spine), has anyone noticed he's running as a tax-cutter, a line-item program cutter, a military-beefer-upper?

He may be talking smack, but he's running right (see Pete Wehner in this morning's WaPo, eg). And even though we're in an unpopular war, with a presidential approval rate of 25%, and it's been 8 years which mean 50% of our voters are thinking, "give the other team a chance" just out of fairness and this ought by right to be a landslide election, McCain's within the margin of error, and Obama doesn't think he can pull it off with out hundreds of thousands of illegal ACORN votes and millions of dollars of illegal money. Which means the creepy masses in the stadiums are not the story of the American people, even if Obama does win.

Note to self: shake off the urge to march yourself right into the camps and start working to take back Congress in 2010.