Our Friends Are For McCain

While the cool kids of the world are for Obama, the folks actually in the midst of the struggle for freedom in the Middle East are for McCain.

If Iraqis could vote it would be for McCain.

McCain would be best for Iraq because he would ensure stability," said Ali, 66, an expert on the Sumerian era.

The personal qualities and political platforms of McCain and his Democrat rival Barack Obama are of little import to Ali, however. His focus is on Iraq and its neighbours such as Iran.

"The Iranians believe that if Obama is elected he will not take action against them despite their nuclear ambitions. That worries me," said Ali, sitting on an old bench in Al-Zahawi coffee shop.

"If the Iranians get the bomb they will become the Tarzan of the region," said the former teacher and lecturer at the University of Baghdad, referring to the vine-swinging strongman of the jungle in old Hollywood movies.

Mohammed, also a professor at the university, said he too preferred McCain "because Obama supports a rapid withdrawal of US troops."

"Our army is still too weak and Turkey and Iran are threats. Iran's President (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad has warned Iran would fill the void left when US troops depart," he said.

Ditto the Israelis. Especially Americans living in Israel. Not to mention our military men and women favor McCain 68-23.

It's too bad we don't have a community organizing group like WALNUT -- Warriors Against LosiNg Unto Terrorists; or CHESTNUT: Communities Help Each other Stem the Tide of Nutty, Unjust Tyrants. They could let the Iraqis --especially those killed in Saddam's purges-- vote.
I mean, if Mickey Mouse and the starting line-up of the Dallas Cowboys can vote in all 57 states, I don't see why not.

Update: Mr. W. points out the Pakistanis are also for McCain. And the Taiwanese. (Interestingly, from the same link as the report on the Pakistanis, the Afghans are for Obama. Natch: they like his promise to basically focus the entire military might of the US against the Taliban. Poor them!)

Basically, the Death-eaters are for Obama. People who want to live in peace and freedom are for McCain.