The Weirdest Thing Biden Said Last Night


From last night's debate:

BIDEN: Can I clarify this? This is simply not true about Barack Obama. He did not say sit down with Ahmadinejad.

BIDEN: The fact of the matter is, it surprises me that Senator McCain doesn't realize that Ahmadinejad does not control the security apparatus in Iran. The theocracy controls the security apparatus, number one.

Obama said sort of the same thing in last week's debate.

OBAMA: So let's talk about this. First of all, Ahmadinejad is not the most powerful person in Iran. So he may not be the right person to talk to. But I reserve the right, as president of the United States to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if I think it's going to keep America safe.

So... they wouldn't talk to Abomnjihad because they prefer meet with someone worse? That's their position?

That ranks up there with Ford calling iron curtain Poland a free nation, if you ask me. Which cost Ford the election, most probably.

But nobody notices these things.

Update: One other person notices these things.