What Did You See?


This is a place-holder for reactions to the Veep debate, put up prior to its start. It's the feast of the Guardian Angels & I'm sending mine to help Gov. Palin.

And, meanwhile, curling up in the fetal position until it's over.

She may do fine with the pressure, but I am cracking.

Update: I hope you people believe in guardian angels now!
I thought she was great --the happy warrior throughout-- and she put Biden on the defensive over and over again. Her refusal to call out Obama and the Dems on Fannie & Freddie and to claim she & McCain are going to end greed on Wall St. makes me insane. But what can she do? That's McCain. A perfect pitch to women & Independent voters (just look at the instant polls and Frank Luntz' focus group), which is the McCain strategy --and some good red meat for folks like me. Like straight (heh) talk on same-sex marriage, not waving the white flag of surrender, and nudging McCain on ANWR.

She could be better at coming back a second time and answering charges--not letting Biden have the last word every time (which commentators are blaming on Ifill, but I don't think that's fair. If Palin had said, "Let me respond..." she'd have been allowed. She never seemed like she wanted to). But she did fine, and more than fine.

My brother & I traded positions on this debate. Last week I thought McCain had been trounced and had to be walked back from the ledge. My brother thought Palin was a disaster tonight -- rambling, goofy and hard to follow. Said he could not be walked back from the ledge, in fact, as he was calling from mid-air. I hope the instant polls I sent him will make him a nice, soft landing. This round-up of reax could do the trick, too.

(P.S., I can't help myself, I have real affection for Joe Biden. He'd be a better president than Obama because, unlike the cosmopolitan top of his ticket, he really does have some small town left in him, and he loves his country.)