Why America Shouldn't Worship Europe

Belgium shrugged. To defeat a political enemy, the Belgians prosecuted a man for remarks he didn't make during an incident at which he was not present. It's not a case of his denying what the facts prove. Everyone agrees he wasn't there.

These are the people whose good opinion our likely next president seeks.

See also Obama Shrugged. This man of great purity is knowingly and willingly facilitating criminal fraud and illegal contributions.

See Mark Steyn's comment on Charlie Gibson's questioning Obama on this matter. Imagining if Gibson had asked an informed question instead of rolling over, Steyn concludes:
The Senator terminates the interview to instruct an aide to have state and local officials look into this guy Gibson's child-support payments, tax liens, etc. Later, it emerges that Charlie the Anchor is not even a state-licensed interviewer.
He's only joking, I think, but I wonder. The press coverage of this campaign has smacked of nothing so much as Eason Jordan's description of CNN's Baghdad bureau. Anyone remember that? In which he revealed that CNN never reported anything but Hussein propaganda because if they'd told the truth they'd have been booted out of the country? And revealed simultaneously all the innocent people CNN could have defended or saved had it been interested in truth instead of access?

Even if you're terribly liberal in this country, do you not want to be free? I really cannot believe what I am seeing this election cycle. Absolutely everything is "The News We Kept To Ourselves."