From "The Old Testament Made Easy"

The Story of Joseph (Mercifully Condensed)
by Jeanne Steig

"Come see my pretty coat," said Joseph.
"Papa gave me it."
"What horrid taste!" his brothers cried.
And threw him in a pit.

They hauled him out and sold him to
A band of traveling men.
Who headed south for Egypt, where
They sold him off again.

But Joseph landed on his feet
He found he had a bent
For listening to Pharoah's dreams
And telling what they meant.

When by and by the folks back home
Turned up in Egypt's land,
How goggle-eyed they were to find
Their Joseph in command.

He greeted them affectingly,
And made a joyful noise,
Exclaiming, "Oh, my dear Papa!"
And "No hard feelings, boys.

"Come, Hebrews all , and pitch your tents
Beside the glittering Nile.
For I am Pharoah's fair-haired boy!"
Said they, "The kid's got style."

--From The Old Testament Made Easy