The Golden Girls Are Not My Role Models

Do you ever have the feeling you have no idea what people are talking about? I hesitate even to bring this up in mixed company, but honestly. WaPo reports that 40% of women report sexual dysfunction and only 12% are worried about it. That sounds troubling until you read the story.
there were age differences. "The highest prevalence of sexual dysfunction was in older women, but they experienced less associated distress"
Although the study did not specifically look at why older women had more problems yet less distress about them, the authors postulated that reasons could include partner changes, other medical problems, or problems with their partners health.
So the big news is that as we age, we gradually lose interest in sex? And scientists are mystified by this?

Why is an active sex life something we must foist upon the elderly if they're ready to let it go? I mean, ask me again when I get there (what do I know?), but I have to believe when I'm an octagenarian widow doubled over with arthritis and wishing my kids would call or visit, it'll be a relief to have experienced a cooling of passion and not be pathetically lusting after the orderlies. Just because something is beautiful doesn't mean you don't eventually have to let it go. I found Estelle Getty, may she rest in peace, rather horrifying.