Little Chats After Mass

Mr. W., thanking a priest for his homily reminding us of our obligation to vote to defend life, was saying he wished half our priests were as gutsy. (I think half or more of them are --increasingly the boomers die, die --or at least retire-- and we're left with the JP II generation. Within ten years time there will be nothing but JP II bishops in this country, and the Church will be a bastion of holy and courageous men. Just in time, but I'm getting ahead of myself.) This priest said:
Look, I'm worried. If this guy gets in with the Congress he's likely to have, my tax money is going to be taken to fund abortions. They're going to force me to perform same-sex weddings. I've made a decision: I'm not going to do it. I'll have pizza for dinner one night and they can take me to jail the next, but I am not going to participate in this. So giving a homily was the least of what I'm preparing myself for.

Later we ran into a neighbor who was telling us about attending a lecture Archbishop Chaput gave in town within the last couple of days. Someone asked him what Catholics should do when the government starts funding abortion. His answer (paraphrasing):
It'll be time for a national conversation on whether Catholics can pay taxes.
We had two other similar conversations, both at random, this morning. This is how people are thinking and talking --quietly-- in my neck of the woods. As indicated: this means war.