It's Not Palin They're Hurting

A few words on the trashing of Our Sarah from some in the McCain camp, and the trashing of McCain for not defending her in the blogosphere.

  • The effort isn't really anti-Palin, but anti-McCain. It's people desperate not to be blamed for the loss so that they can get cushy consultant jobs. The real message is, "I told him and told him...but he wouldn't listen." It's McCain they've turned on.
  • McCain, who could not have praised Palin more highly than he did in his concession speech, is under no obligation to rise to Palin's defense, nor should he. Everything I've seen of her suggests she has great instincts in addition to great skills, but she is green. The key to her becoming experienced, if she cares to, is taking her own lumps --which she seems perfectly capable of doing. She shouldn't be baptized as the Leader of the Party just because she energized us in this campaign. She's a big girl and she doesn't need a political daddy to protect her.
  • Does anyone believe any of the stuff they're saying anyway? She doesn't strike me as a gal who's full of herself. She does strike me as a person of great personal and interior liberty --which often strikes vain people as insufferable arrogance.
Update: I begin to wonder whether this Palin-trashing comes from anyone but the MSM themselves. Who among the GOP activists doesn't know John Sununu is pro-life? And you have to have missed the Veep debate to think Palin wouldn't share a stage with someone who disagreed with her about ANWR.
Update 2: Proof. Not that you need it; you have to be an idiot to believe this stuff.