Kmiec As Vatican Ambassador?

I think perhaps that's the secret teaching of John Allen's open letter to the President-Elect.
If you’re interested in forging such a partnership, the first important choice to make is who to send to the Vatican as your ambassador. Ideally, you will turn to someone known to have your ear, who will have real political influence in your administration, and who also knows the Catholic world. What you’re looking for, in other words, is a Democratic equivalent of James Nicholson, President Bush’s first Vatican ambassador. Nicholson had served as the chair of the Republican National Committee, and helped to steer the party’s outreach to Catholic voters. Bush sent a clear signal with that nomination that he was interested in the Vatican, and this is one case where it would behoove you to follow his lead.

The full letter is worth reading, however, on its own terms, even though the portion on Africa, while true, ignores Bush's amazing contribution in that regard. Maybe considering the intended recipient, it was necessary to ignore it, but it still chafes. Curtsy: Fr. Z.