Just In Time For Advent

I am woefully overdue for a Potpourri of Popery. (It's the new job: less time to read what I want, when I want). Will probably take a stab at it over the weekend, with the goal of closing out the liturgical year and starting clean for Advent.

But this is cool, whether or not I meet my blogging goals. The bishop of Minneapolis/ St. Paul (which the Church refers to as St. Paul and Minneapolis) is undertaking a complete re-catechesis on Confession. Good on 'im, and here's installment one.
the actions that we call “sins” very often betray an attitude or an inner disposition that ultimately led us to commit a particular sin. Having taught a penance practicum to seminarians for 13 years, I have learned that there is an art on the part of the confessor in hearing a confession. The priest has to listen closely to what is being said “between the lines.” It is one thing to know that one has been uncharitable, hurtful or unfaithful, but that doesn’t necessarily lead one to know why he or she committed the particular act, i.e., what prompted this action in the mind or heart.

Only by getting “behind” the objective sinful act, can one begin to change one’s life with a firm purpose of amendment. The assistance of a confessor can be invaluable in this process.

RTWT and "Come home for Christmas" as we like to say.