Price/gallon of unleaded in my neighborhood yesterday. I actually drove around on fumes for a couple of days waiting for the price to drop below $2. 3-4 cents per/day.

In related news: despite massive fraud and voter intimidation, Chavez lost ground in yesterday's Venezuelan election. An opposition candidate even won in Sucre, Chavez' base.

“These victories came in the economic and political centers of the country,” said Luis Vicente León, director of Datánalisis, a polling firm here. “They represent the most important symbols in terms of cities and population.”

Particularly here in Caracas, the results were rooted in festering discontent over the government’s inability to lower violent crime as homicides and kidnappings have surged over the past decade, making it one of the world’s deadliest cities.

Well, duh, who do you think is doing all the killing and kidnapping? More from the WSJ.