Hanging Crepe

9:20 PM. That's when FOX called OH and thus, although no one's quite said it yet, the election.

On the bright side:
  • The American hero and honorable man John McCain doesn't have to preside over the rough coming years.
  • It's either the end of America or --the more attractive possibility-- the high water mark for progressivism, which has no place to go but down. But I have to save that thought for a column tomorrow.
  • The Dems are denied their 60 Senate votes, another reason to think it's not the end of America.
  • It's gonna be a great couple of years for black humor (no reference to the President-Elect's race intended), my favorite.
  • We never have to hear the words "Bradley Effect" ever, ever again.
The worst part of the election comes now though: Republicans start eating their own.

Congratulations, President Obama. May you be the man Doug Kmiec thinks you are.