On Selfishness & Generosity

Last night I saw one of the nastiest attack ads I've ever seen. It's against Keith Fimian, running against Gerry Connolly in VA's 11th district. Connolly's put up an ad suggesting Fimian is a corrupt businessman because of some 40 liens against his contracting business.

Know what the story is? The liens are against subcontractors. IRS policy when a subcontractor doesn't pay its taxes is to enlist the help of the contractor in collecting by placing the lien on the contractor. Know what Fimian's policy was? Immediately to pay the lien on behalf of his subcontractors instead of going after them. That's what passes for "corruption": generosity to the people who work for you.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama calls it selfish for people to want to keep the fruits of their own labor. Sarracuda tells us what she thinks of that, and she hits it out of the park. The power to tax, as we know, is the power to destroy, and whether we "spiritual" people like it or not, freedom is largely economic freedom. Take what a man earns from him, and you take almost everything.
I believe they are going to put this nation on a course that will erode the work ethic and the entrepreneurial spirit that has grown this country into the greatest country on earth. Because their idea of taking more from our families and more for government from our small businesses will kill job creation opportunities and it will kill that idea that you will be rewarded for your hard work ethic.Unfortunately that kills opportunity, too. for us to be generous and compassionate with our fellow Americans. The Democrats, it seems, on this ticket anyway, led by Barack Obama, seem to want government to mandate that we be generous and compassionate with one another via spreading the wealth.
That is not the American way. We don’t need to go down that road. John McCain has a better idea that’s spreading opportunity by allowing our businesses to keep more of what they earn and produce so that they could hire more people, grow the economy that way, provide more for their employees . . .