Heap Big Thingamy

Well put: S. M. Hutchens on scoffing, which I think is a profession now.
Scoffing--the scornful treatment of what is worthy--is based on an illusion whereby falsehood is made to look large and important and truth small and stupid, not by thorough and studied reason, but mere belittlement.
Yeah, right. (See how easy it is!) I liked this:

I can think of no more transparent example than materialist scientists who loudly declare it is obvious to anyone with a modicum of learning that no personal deity could be involved in the coming-to-be of the cosmos, then immediately set about to make their own creative entity of astounding power--Nature or the Cosmos, or Evolution, or whatnot--with accidental qualities that in any conceivable analogate would be attributed to the designing intelligence of an actual being.

What one may be sure of in this, er, Muchbig Scientific Thingamajig, is that while possessing unthinkable powers of what the ignorant would identify as creative intelligence, it is otherwise a dim bulb. It can generate intelligence, will, and moral opinion, but (once again, obviously) can have none of these itself, and it is only the stupid, including, one presumes, the stupid with science Ph.D.’s, who think it might be otherwise.