The Boar War

Wild boars have always roamed the German countryside, but lately they've taken to Berlin and are roaming the streets like squirrels in my neck of the woods or feral cats in Rome.

Sounds like an opportunity for Christmas hams all around --except the pigs have formed a strategic alliance with city vegans, so they can't be touched. WSJ quotes a biologist opining
"Ultimately we must learn to share the city with the swine." The key to peaceful coexistence is no fraternizing, says Mr. Ehlert.
That latter remark must be tongue-in-cheek since folk can stay away from the pigs, but pigs don't stay away from the folk. They chase cops, break into stores and kill people.

If you can't muster the will to say "Nein" to the swine, you're in your last days as a nation, one'd have to conclude. WSJ has an incredible slide show; the little furry piglets are super cute.