Is It Too Early To Have Lost My Patience With This Administration?

Do you see Obama in you? Detroit Free Press has a gallery of people who do.
For Obama plays in 10,000 places, lovely in eyes and lovely in limbs not his...
Turns out all this Obama worship was really self-worship all along. But we knew that.

Meanwhile, has there ever been an administration so riddled with corruption before it even began? The Sec. of Treasury and Sec. of HHS tried to cheat the American people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars...and they're going to cleanse us of corruption? And the President has the gall to complain about Wall Street "greed"?

The good news is, I no longer fear him (as neither do our enemies; I feel an Iranian hostage crisis coming on). His first big legislation was a big whiff. Within a year the same MSM that is fanning this worship will smell Watergate in the water and, as Mr. W. says, be competing to bring him down. And prove once again that the media, not the people, are sovereign.

Meanwhile, look at all those two-faced people.