Vaclav Klaus Fan Club Fodder

Vaclav Klaus went to Davos and made fun of Al Gore.
Referring to the former US vice president, who attended Davos this year, he added: "I'm very sorry that some people like Al Gore are not ready to listen to the competing theories. I do listen to them.
In another story I saw that he said he like Al Gore personally and that they'd had a friendly conversation. But when reporters asked him if he thought Al Gore threatened freedom, he was polite but firm:
Environmentalism and the global warming alarmism is challenging our freedom. Al Gore is an important person in this movement.

He's none too happy about the way we're solving our financial crises either.

"I'm afraid that the current crisis will be misused for radically constraining the functioning of the markets and market economy all around the world," he said.

"I'm more afraid of the consequences of the crisis than the crisis itself."

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