This Man Beheaded This Woman In Buffalo, New York

shamelessly pinched from ninme, who pinched it from Tim Blair

The Hassans ran the "Bridges" television network, dedicated to showing the moderate face of Islam. The murder took place last week, and AP just got around to noticing. Mark Steyn notes the spin on the story is what a blow it is to moderate Muslims, who will suffer more prejudice now.

I've been busy not blogging for days, but have been keeping my eyes peeled for when the story would make national news (the blogs have been all over it). You'd think something like this in her own backyard might catch the Formerly Gray Lady's attention, eg, but no, not until yesterday.

And those gutsy feminists who are always telling us well-behaved women rarely make history?


Busy being subservient to the wishes of Muslim men, apparently.

But who the hell cares? She was only a woman.