Gee, 20

It has to be April Fool's Day if we're relying on the German Chancellor to save the world from the Utopian madness of the American President & British Prime Minister.
Borrow and spend today, repay down the road, is a particularly difficult proposition for a country with a shrinking population, she said. “Over the next decade we will undergo a massive demographic change, and, therefore, borrowing is a greater burden for the future than in a country with a much more continuously growing population, as in the United States of America,” Mrs. Merkel said.
Thank you for stating the obvious, Angie! Although, as Mark Steyn points out, Leftish economic policy causes demographic decline, so this is soon to be an American problem too (without immigration, including illegal immigration, it already is, in fact).
if there was any point to this G20 summit, they'd be factoring in things like median age to their GDP projections. (When it's 43 and heading north, as in Germany, Japan and Italy, long-term GDP growth becomes all but impossible.)
Instead they're going to waste everyone's time getting all golly-gee, what should we do about tax evasion, a thing this administration does know something about. (Seen the latest instance? Seriously, do any Democrats pay taxes?)