It's Lucky We Rid Ourselves Of Those Hillbilly Bushes

Not again? Surely it's a joke that the Obamas gave the Queen an ipod?

Well, and a rare song book signed by Richard Rogers, which is something. Not an ipod at least.

But is it me? Read this:
Earlier, Mr Obama had spoken of his admiration for Her Majesty but indicated that his wife was handling the details of their royal meeting. "There's one last thing that I should mention that I love about Great Britain, and that is the Queen," he said at the end of his joint press conference with Gordon Brown.

"And so I'm very much looking forward to meeting her for the first time later this evening. And as you might imagine, Michelle has been really thinking that through -- because I think in the imagination of people throughout America, I think what the Queen stands for and her decency and her civility, what she represents, that's very important."

Hmm. Michelle's taking notes on being queen, is she?