Go Susan

I hate American Idol, as I believe I've mentioned --just can't bear the kind of singing done there, even when it's done "well." But you owe it you yourselves to go here and listen to Susan Boyle, a contestant on the parent show, Britain's Got Talent.

The Anchoress blogged about it but I ignored her, fearing what I'd hear. Then half the known world posted it to Facebook, so I caved. Go watch. She's this frumpy little nearly-50-year-old woman with no sex appeal and the whole world's laughing at her, waiting for her to be Britain's William Huang...and then.

Then go back and read what The Anchoress says about her. Couldn't have happened to a nicer gal: life-long Catholic, never been kissed, partly because she's not pretty and partly because she's been taking care of elderly parents most of her adult life. But as Simon Cowell says of her, she's a tiger. Embedding's blocked, but go have a listen.