Gates Of Hell Attempting To Prevail

We're not supposed to impose our religion on secularists, but no one much minds the reverse. Catholics United (a George Soros front group) is playing ads on Christian radio thanking Senators for passing "a moral budget":

To hear the radio ad, click here:

The script of the 60-second ad:

In First Thessalonians, Chapter 5 verses 14 through 18 Paul writes,

“…encourage the fainthearted,

help the weak…

seek after that which is good for one another and for ALL people

…and in everything, give thanks.”

Today, people of faith across [STATE] give thanks to Senator [NAME] for supporting the economic recovery plan in next year’s budget.

This leadership is needed today more than ever.

Our nation and our families are facing great challenges including record unemployment and astronomical health care costs

This budget will lead to long term prosperity by creating clean energy jobs and investing in health care.

And these investments serve everyone, not just those at the top

For supporting that which is good for all people, we say Senator [NAME], thank you.

Paid for by Catholics United

This is a naked play for our people in our end zone. Disgusting but smart. Very smart.