Mission Trip To Dusseldorf, Anyone?

Curtsy to K-Lo, here's a German condom ad.
Don't bring the next Hitler into the world. Use a condom.
There are also bin Laden and Mao variations (and commenters who want a "W" version). Mark Steyn notes that no people in the world are less in need of condoms than the Germans.
Thirty per cent of German women are childless. So, if the ad campaign works, maybe we can get that percentage up to 45-50! Woo-hoo! Who'll be around to pay for all those lavish German social programs in 20 years' time? Come to that, how many sexually active men and pre-menopausal women will there be in need of this company's product?
Plus, Osama already has 26 children at last count.
Demographic shortsightedness aside, however, how far we've fallen from the culture in which every woman hopes her child will be the Messiah to one in which every woman fears her child will be Hitler. That's a culture utterly devoid of hope --and laughing about it. The Germans need the Resurrection we celebrate this season more than ever.