Or You Could Kneel On Dried Peas

Sr. Mary Martha 'splains it to two young'uns who figger what's the use of praying if God's will is always going to be done?

Her explanation is terrific --where was she when I was in Catholic high school? I like this too, though. Pointing out that Jesus himself always prayed before he healed, she offers:
So, you think you know better than Jesus?

That attitude always reminds me of terrible movie versions of Classic literature. I saw a version of "Huck Finn" where Huck Finn just floated around on a raft with Jim while they had escapades. What fun! No mention of Huck Finn's moral dilemma. You might recall that in the book, Huck thinks himself very evil because he is breaking the law by not turning in Jim, who is a run away slave. He decides that if he is going to Hell for his sin, than so be it. He makes a courageous choice to do what he knows in his heart is right,
when everyone else in his world tells him he is wrong. But these people who made this film knew better than Mark Twain, one of America's greatest authors, one of the world's greatest writers. I think it was a musical.

Don't make your life into a bad movie version of what it could be.