Seventy Days To Tomatoes


Yesterday Franciscan Monastery began their huge plant sale. Went early to scarf up heirloom tomatoes (though not early enough to nab any bell peppers; a trip to Home Depot is in the offing), lavender, arugula, various basils and eggplant. Plus marigolds to protect them from slugs.

Haven't done a thing to the garden this spring, so that was today's lengthy project: ready the garden, then plant. Over the winter two rosemary plants sprang into enormous bushes. They smell wonderful and they're so pretty: little purple blossoms everywhere.

The strawberries are doing well, though they needed significant weeding and are being interfered with by spearmint. Last year I think I complained I couldn't get mint to take off in my garden. Still true of peppermint, but the spearmint found its sea legs or whatever the appropriate analogy is and had not only taken over its bed, but leapt into the lettuce patch. (Would mint & arugula salad be weird?). Oregano similarly is doing its own thing, regardless of where I actually put it. I'm sort of letting it, as long as it leaves the strawberries alone.

Shallots are doing well. The ones I didn't get around to using multiplied like gangbusters.

Anyway, the important thing is the tomatoes. Two old reliables and two heirlooms.

Green Zebra

Mortgage Lifter (a pink tomato)

Celebrity (a disease-resistant hybrid)

Better Boy (fastest ripening)