The Emperor Has No Bill

Wouldn't you say it's a gross violation of your oath of office to pass a law for which there is no text? That's what cap'n'trade is. Everyone who voted for that bill --for or against!-- should be impeached. Not a single person has ever read it, because no text existed at the time of the vote.

It was an imaginary bill and the first company fined under its provisions will have ample reason to challenge it in the SCOTUS on grounds of improper and illegal procedure. (Not that it's law anyway --it still has to pass the Senate, which I'm guessing it won't considering how close the vote was in the House).

It's the principle or lack thereof that gets me. The government grabs a huge sector of our economy --with major effects on the entire world-- and we do this lightly, without a clue what we're actually doing.

The Republicans, with equally imaginary leadership, rather than lodging impotent protests, ought to have instructed their members to walk off the floor on the ground that there was no bill to vote on.

We have reached the point where we have no Constitution, people. Everyone on all sides is just making stuff up. We may as well just submit to a mullah and be done with it.