Bullying Honduras

You know, before the President takes to the airwaves next week to create a cult of personality around his person in our nation's schools, perhaps he should study the Dept. of Education's anti-bullying curriculum and take a lesson from it.

We are cutting off aid to Honduras for having the nerve to be true to its constitution and toss out a tyrant.

This President shames me and heaps shame upon us all virtually every step he takes. This is not a mere policy disagreement: tax rates, which weapons programs to fund, whether to emphasize the carrot or stick with a given nation.

I never thought I would see the day when the United States of America, author of the Declaration of Independence, would give itself over utterly to the culture of death --filling its executive branch with professed eugenicists and Communists (just for grins we're going to fly the ChiCom flag over the White House soon)-- increasingly take the side of the world's worst tyrants against men and women yearning to breathe free, while daily shrinking the sphere of free action of its own citizens.

As Paul Rahe has been demonstrating, this man is himself a tyrant and a scoundrel.
In earlier posts on Power Line, I have discussed the tyrannical ambitions of the Obama administration (here), the danger a consolidation of government poses for the people of the United States (here), the psychological disposition that makes democratic peoples vulnerable to servile temptation (here), the institutions that once in some measure shielded Americans from these propensities (here), the gradual disappearance of that shield (here), and some of the reasons why I think it now possible for us to recover the liberty that once was ours (here and here).
For shame. I take comfort only in the belief that his administration marks the high water mark for progressivism in this country, and that while the worst is yet to come, it will soon be over.