There Is A Good Death & It Is Not Suicide

Thanks to The Anchoress for this, from Sr. Kerry, who writes, "I am sick and disabled and have seen many things" from a hospital in the UK.
I tell you this because the secular liberal media take every opportunity they can to tell people that they have two choices when it comes to the inevitable. We die horribly in screaming agony or we take our own lives. This is moving public opinion inexorably towards euthanasia as the ultimate in ‘good death’. I know that countries that have euthanasia reduce payments to hospices and facilities for those with serious illnesses. I know that with 2 out of 3 patients in the heath care system elderly -most of them abandoned by their families- that the financial benefits to killing them will outweigh keeping them alive. With the disintegration of the family and of Judeo-Christian values there will be no preventative to the practice of killing the elderly, the disabled, the incurable sick. At present we still have a residue of Judeo-Christian values so we exist in a ’culture of life’. If a ’culture of death’ becomes the norm then culling the patients will be as natural as the practice in some countries of chucking the dying out into the street to die.

But there's a third choice.