Liars Club Author Joins Club Sin

Mary Karr gives a great interview about her conversion to Catholicism. Tastes:

Were you brought up with a particular religion?

No, nothing. Both my parents were agnostic. My mother was kind of a Buddhist. She had some spiritual tendencies, but they were kind of flaky -- New Agey, you know? Which is partly why I'm suspicious of that sort of thing. I'm skeptical of any spiritual practice that doesn't involve other people and doesn't involve some sort of consistent tradition.

A lot of people I know call themselves spiritual. They sit around and light candles and think happy thoughts, which is great. I'm not saying they're not enlightened. I'm just saying that for me, as somebody whose chief sin is intellectual arrogance, I can't afford to do that. Because right away I'll just decide that I know what should happen, and nobody else does.