Take That, Einstein

You can learn things from the papers your kids bring home from school.

Our middle son, now 9, was "Student of the Week" for his class. The kid fills out a series of questions about himself/herself, the answers to which are shared with the class. Then the classmates write one nice thing about you on a sticky note and you take home a little sticky-booklet of praise.

When you are a 9-year-old boy, that means 26 versions of "You rock, Dude!" with awkwardly drawn action hero cartoons surrounding the words.

Yes, it sounds like a syrupy exercise in false self-esteem building, but as it is a Christian school, I choose to view it as an exercise in teaching kids to be kind and think well of one another.

I digress. The point is that when put the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Middle Weed answered, "artist/soldier." Which seems weird to you, no doubt, but if you knew how much he idolizes his uncle, who is precisely those things, you would only laugh.

Another question asks who you would like to be your teacher if not your present teacher. Answer?
1. My mom
2. My uncle (the one he idolizes)
3. Albert Einstein
Illustrious company I'm keeping. Bonus: I rock, Dude!