Paul Ryan On Today's Floor Debate


"...When you expose this bill's budget gimmicks, does it increase the debt and deficit? Yes.

"Will it take coverage away from seniors, raise premiums for families, and decrease health care innovation? Yes.

"Will it raise taxes on small businesses and workers, and cost us nearly 5.5 million jobs when our unemployment rate is 10.2%? Yes.

"Does this bill mean the government will take over running our health care system? Yes.

"But what is worse is this bill replaces the American Idea with a European-style social welfare state. This bill more than any other decision we are going to make in this body will lead to millions of Americans becoming dependent on the state rather than being dependent upon themselves.

"This is not about health care policy. If it were, we could pass a bipartisan bill to fix what"s broken in health care without breaking what's working in health care.

"This is about ideology. What side of history do you want to be on? Will you be on the side of history where you stick with the people and the principles that built this exceptional nation? This is the choice we face."