Taxpayer Funded Shamans

Curtsy to Andrew Stuttaford, who noticed that Sen. Hatch inserted a requirement that insurers cover Christian Science prayer treatments into the Senate health care bill.

No doubt he's just trying to be respectful of everyone's religion, and as prayer is cheap I don't begrudge it, but can't we just see where this is going to lead under our current PC regime? The usual suspects are groaning on about separation of Church & state, blahdedblah, but what about the separation of medicine and superstition?

Soon we'll all be requiring insurance companies to cover live chickens and goats for santoria sacrifice treatments in Miami; crystals and high colonics in Haight Ashbury; massages and Native American purification rituals in Pueblo; and raw milk, green algae and high-end juicers for the Hallelujah! diet folk.

And Alcee Hastings thinks we're going "back to the Dark Ages" because the Stupak amendment maintaining the status quo of no federal funding for abortion passed?

Fortunately no matter what the House does today I don't expect it will be reconcilable with any Senate bill, so I am not panicking.

But if this Congress does manage to pass a bill, I give us 5 years before we're all longing for Steve Martin's Medieval Barber to take care of us.

Update: someone had my same thought, with a Catholic angle (which, sorry to say, if it comes to pass means the USCCB will no doubt support it and give Catholics the idea they'd be immoral not to).
it’s not too difficult to see how that language (prohibiting discrimination against "religious and spiritual health care”) could also apply to New Age "healing" or, for that matter, pilgrimages to Lourdes.