Behold The Pro-Life Democrat

Former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford has moved to New York and is thinking of running for Senate there. While I do enjoy the reverse carpet-baggetry New York has invited upon itself by not being ashamed to elect Hillary, Ford's "growth in office" is a bit premature, wouldn't you say? He ain't even officially declared yet, but already, look:
While he described himself during the 2006 Senate race as “pro-life,” a Ford adviser maintained that it was an attempt to take back a term that he felt anti-abortion groups had unfairly appropriated. Mr. Ford, the adviser said, has always supported abortion rights.
The man has a great career ahead of him, following as he is in the footsteps of Teddy Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, Richard Gephardt and Tom Daschle on the well-worn path of being adamantly anti-abortion until, suddenly, one day, he isn't. CMR calls it the Inigo Montoya defense.