Fear & Loathing In California

Are you following this bizarre trial in California? Voters are being put on trial for how they voted on Proposition 8.
Judge Walker issued an extraordinary ruling that the private intentions of Prop. 8 proponents -- ideas by definition never communicated to voters -- were properly the subject of this trial. So people who worked on the campaign have been put on trial, subpoenaed for all their e-mails and personal correspondence. This is an enormous personal headache, one which will (as intended) discourage participation in the political process in the future.
Then the judge ordered the trial televised. That was promptly stopped by a higher court, but we all remember how contentious the Prop 8 vote was, right? What could possibly be his reason for wanting to televise proceedings other than voter intimidation? Maggie Gallagher asks:
After Prop. 8, gay couples continue to enjoy unmolested all the legal civil rights of marriage under California law through civil unions. Who will stand up for the core civil rights of the people of California and the rest of the USA to participate in democracy without fear?
And who will impeach this judge?