Forgetting Obama Is Black

Great Post from Julie Ponzi on Chris Matthews' latest absurd comment.
The thing is, it isn't really Obama, per se, who is post-racial.  If anything, it is America.  And I'm rather tired of the argument that Obama is anything but the beneficiary of this fact.  He didn't make it so (and he's not old enough to have had anything to do with it); it just is so.  I think the thing that really shocks Chris Matthews is that most of America--that is, the only important or meaningful segments of America--really doesn't care about Barack Obama's race one way or the other.  He is accepted or criticized by most Americans in much the same way that any other president has been or would be.  The only outliers, as I say, are the knuckle-dragging and last remaining racist hold-outs (of no significant political importance) and the self-important, guilt-ridden, condescending, liberals of the Matthews variety.
Oh, yes, yes, yes! We are all tired of the old obsessions. Or as ninme (who started it) & I might put it: Die, Boomers, Die!
Update: Best headline on the topic.