Your Cielito Lindo Challenge

My spy in New York writes, re SOTU:
I was struck by the contradictions and blatant falsifications which were all I drew from the speech, except the obvious doubling down.
We must all work together (as tho the D's hadn't shockingly locked the doors on the R's, literally and metaphorically) immediately followed by a gratuitous (false) stinging slap at the R's.
We must all work together-- banks, media, business etc-- among which there are many "good people", immediately followed by a categorical pseudo-populist attack on all the above.(And forgot how he's "worked together" with their lobbyists. Pot/ kettle.)
The nasty slap at the court and the rabble's cheers.
We stand for freedom everywhere in the world, unbelievably adding something about the students in Iran-- when, when it really counted,he shockingly sat it out.
His claim to no lobbyists in his lobbyist-riddled admin!!?? To transparency?? To posting irrelevancies on the net while nothing important gets posted?
The "I'm willing to listen" challenge, when he never listens, or listens and answers, "Uh-huh, but I won."
He comes off, not even like a college professor, but more like a high school principal, as though we're all The Kids and he's the one with the Power. And I'm starting to await an Obama parody to the tune of Celito Lindo. (I, I, I, I.)
So...anyone up for the challenge posed by my spy's last remark?